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The Heat’s Reward System makes me sad

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The Miami Herald reports that the Heat‘s newfound momentum may be do to a reward system that coach Spoelstra has implemented.

In Wade‘s words, “[Coach] said, `If y’all get stops, if y’all get rebounds, then y’all can do whatever y’all want,’ so as players we enjoy that. When the ball goes through the basket, then we’ve got to do what he wants us to do.”

As an analyst, I find this disheartening.  Not the idea that players need a reward to do the dirty work.  The season is a long time, and human beings need focusing agents.  It’s just, one would think that with such talent on the roster, we’d be able to get an offense that’s a lot better than “whatever y’all want”.  The fear you have when you combine a bunch of ball dominant players is that they’ll do nothing more than take turns, and it seems like the Heat are content to do that.

Now, the Heat are talented enough that just doing that with some smart little improvements is enough to make the offense quite good.  And if that goes along with a great defense, that may very well be enough to get them to win some titles.  I was hoping though to see some all-time great level stuff here – and it sounds like that’s not going to happen.

Ah well, makes me appreciate the truly great stuff more, and it goes to show that adding more talent into the mix doesn’t necessarily amount to a whole lot.  We shouldn’t assume that other stars can lead an offense like Nash does if only they had enough talent around them, and we should appreciate the Gasols and Garnetts of the world who can join a new team and truly give it the boost we hope for.

Written by Matt Johnson

December 14, 2010 at 11:51 am

Posted in Basketball

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