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2010 NBA Draft: Ranked & Re-Drafted

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The off-season is a time to reflect on player development from the previous year. We’re going to go through draft by draft, starting with 2010. We’ll rank the top 10 players based on their career to this point, and then do a re-draft based on the teams that picked and what their needs were. 

First, while we were planning on having a data table to start things off, basketball-reference just did too good of a job of that, so we’ll refer you to their 2010 draft page.

Top 10 Careers of the 2010 Draft

#1. John Wall

MJ: Wall had an admittedly tame rookie season compared to what we’ve been used to in recent years, and compared to the hype associated with him in particular. Were this a question of who in the draft was most valuable to their team this season, Wall would not be my pick because he didn’t exactly nail the role he played. However, being handed a team to lead is a hell of a lot harder than being a role player. There’s really no question in my mind that he did more as team leader than any one else in the draft is capable of right now.
#2. Greg Monroe

JR: By the 2nd half of the 2010-2011 season, Monroe emerged as a standout rookie and one of the Pistons’ best players period. More importantly, he did it at C, a hard position to fill. His best trait may be a high FG%, averaging 55% and between 57-60% the last 4 months of the season. His 18 PER for a rookie suggests all-star production with further improvement.

#3. Landry Fields

MJ: This is probably the pinnacle of noteworthiness Fields will achieve for his career. Through hard work and incredible luck, he got himself into a key role on the New York Knicks, and arguably was more valuable to them than any of the other names you’ll see in this analysis. Unfortunately, when Melo got traded to the Knicks, the need for Fields’ niche shrank. My guess would be that Fields plays less next year than this year.

#4. Demarcus Cousins

JR: Cousins dropped 14.1 points and 8.6 rebounds in his rookie season, but on 43% shooting and .484 TS%. He faced more defensive attention than a lot of rookies however and showed a clearly rare size and skill combination and upside that you look for in a rookie with potential.

#5. Ed Davis

MJ: Davis really came along nicely for a guy who spent time in the NBDL this season. After the all-star break he managed 10 & 8 on great efficiency. Really not to shabby for a guy who never dominated in college.
#6. Derrick Favors

JR: Favors was raw as expected his rookie season, but put up strong per minute rebounding and block numbers, which gives him a floor as a valued defense and rebounding role player.

#7: Paul George

MJ: At this point it gets really tough choosing one guy over another. George stands out as the one rookie who had a significant impact in the playoffs. His minutes had been growing all season, and they reached starter level come post-season, all while continuing to show some exciting upside.

#8: Evan Turner

JR: Turner struggled shooting the ball this year adjusting to a new off ball role, but improved as the year went along and ended up playing a valued role on a Sixers playoff team while most of his rookie counterparts were sitting at home. George gets the edge over him due to superior defense.

#9: Wesley Johnson

MJ: Here we get into the “Well, they played. That’s better than sitting on the bench right?”. Hard for me to be impressed by Johnson, but hey, at least he got some experience.

#10. Eric Bledsoe

JR: Bledsoe was solid playing 22.7 minutes a game and not killing his team as an athletic backup PG for the Clippers.

Oh also, we determined Gordon Hayward, despite solid late season play, did not perform well enough the rest of the season to get this spot.

The 2010 Draft, Re-Drafted

1. Washington Wizards – PG John Wall

JR: No surprise here, the Wizards loved their #1 pick’s production last year and feel he is the one player in the draft with MVP talent and upside.

2. Philadelphia 76ers – PF/C Greg Monroe

MJ: Tough one. Could see going with Favors here. Monroe though was clearly the more impactful player as rookies, and was always a guy known for his potential. Favors may have more potential, but I’m real hesitant to pass up a big man who has already made himself quite useful.

3. New Jersey Nets – PF/C Derrick Favors

JR: Favors was the raw player he was expected to be his first season. For the Nets, nothing has changed about his star upside, nor Cousins’ mental issues preventing him getting picked here

4. Minnesota Timberwolves – G Evan Turner

MJ: Ugh, poor Minnesota. With the way Kevin Love emerged this year, utterly unreasonable to pick a big man here for any reason other than great interior defense. That doesn’t leave great options. Let’s give them Turner. He disappointed in his first year, but he was put into a situation without a lot of freedom. I have no doubt that he’d have gotten as many minutes as Johnson did if he were in Minny.

5. Sacramento Kings – PF/C Demarcus Cousins

JR: The Kings choose to stick with Demarcus Cousins, who like Favors had some struggles his first season but showed strong upside to be a franchise player.

6. Golden State Warriors – PF Ed Davis

MJ: Golden State lucks out an gets a very exciting prospect down at the 6th spot. Granted the Warriors already have David Lee, but Davis is too much to pass up, and Lee has too many questions right now.

7. Detroit Pistons – SF Paul George

JR: The Pistons are happy to pick up Paul George, who they feel has the speed and size and youth to be a future star, and who showed strong defensive potential his first year.

8. Los Angeles Clippers – SF Wesley Johnson

MJ: Both of the actual Clipper picks are here, but it’s hard to see the franchise so set on either of them. Bledsoe had some good buzz early in the year, but with the acquisition and fit of Mo Williams, Bledsoe hasn’t been so impressive that they are building their future around him. Johnson was a sexier pick before the year, and he probably still would be.

9. Utah Jazz – SF Gordon Hayward

JR: The Jazz stick with Gordon Hayward, who showed great shooting ability late in the year and who is a major fan favorite.

10. Indiana Pacers – PF Patrick Patterson

MJ: We’ll go with Patterson here. He shown signs of living up to potential as the season progressed, and the 4 is a place where Indiana is less set in its course than in other positions.


Written by Matt Johnson & Julien Rodger

July 5, 2011 at 11:57 pm

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