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NBA Fan Q&A: Toronto Raptors

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From now on after a ranking of players on the NBA Franchise Power Rankings, I will post quotes from the fans – taken from RealGM.com, most of the time. With the Raptors ranking at #22 here,  I debute a roundup of their answers to 6 of my questions from fans of the team:

Q: Do you believe extending Bryan Colangelo was a good idea, and why?

J-Roc: No, GM’s are a dime a dozen and he blew his change here.

J Dilla: No. Handed out rich contracts to crappy players. Promoted and extended Jay Triano. Gave away Bosh for nothing when he could’ve had a young asset in Michael Beasley. Has a flawed vision of building an NBA basketball team.

pass first: Great decision. BC is the man. I like his track record despite what other people say.

witnessraps: Extending Bryan Colangelo was absolutely a good decision. The guy is a proven winner and has a great track record of drafting, and the 2012 draft is where we plan to make noise. People need to understand that things don’t always work out on the first try, he now has another chance to build this team into a contender and I like where we are right now.

Silk Wilkes: Yes. The options out there were limited and a 2-year contract gives him a short period of time to prove himself. It’s a now or never deal. However, if he fails and they extend him again I would be scratching my head.

Q: What is your floor, expected outcome and ceiling for Jonas Valanciunas? Would you pick him again at #5, and why?

Robyn Wideman:

Floor: Serviceable center, Expected outcome: Border line All-star 16-11-2 type stats Ceiling: Franchise bigman

Yes I would pick him again, the only knock against Val was the mystery surrounding his buyout. The raptors aren’t in win now mode and can afford to wait a year for a player, he is possibly the best player in the 2011 draft.


Floor: Oden – foot/knee injuries
Expected outcome: Big Z
Ceiling: Kevin Garnett

Is there a better option at this spot? Trade for Tony Parker/George Hill?


Floor: Biedrins
Expected outcome: a similar game to Noah but not quite as good
Cieling: 16/11/2

Considering other 2 “good” names left were Kemba and Knight….I think it was the right pick. The Spurs also seen something in him which is a great sign plus I think Knight is Lou Williams 2.0 and Kemba undecided may have a Mighty Mouse effect or flop


Definitely. 100 times over I go with Jonas. When I think about how lackluster…and quite frankly – horrible that draft was, I would hate him for settling for a Knight or Walker (who will both struggle a lot in the NBA for various reasons think). In a draft like that, you swing for the fences because there was no surefire option there. Jonas is a good player who has things he needs to work on as well but is much rarer in terms of position and skill. I don’t see all-star (though I hope he proves me wrong) but he should be a very good starting C, a force in the middle for us for the next decade or so.

Floor: Omar Asik
Expected Outcome: a better Biedrins
Ceiling: Joakim Noah


I do think he’ll be able to play 20 solid minutes per night as his floor, providing a little bit of everything, but certainly not a key piece, think Lorenzen Wright Grizzlies era. For his ceiling, I see something like Dino Radja, but hopefully without the injuries. 18/9/2/2/1 type of player, on good percentages, a perrenial top five center. He’s more high reward than high risk, IMO. Absolutely, I’d take him all over again. HIs FT shooting, pick and roll play, and length give him a place in the league and at #5, you could definitely do worse.

Q: How do you feel about Andrea Bargnani and his future with the team? Would you a) Trade him now b) Keep him with a wait and see mentality, or c) Plan on him being a major player on a championship caliber team down the road?

Tofubeque: Trade him by the deadline, if not now. An intensity lacking presence like his, in a big role with the team, is just an all-round bad thing to have. Plus I’m insecure that BC will ever get rid of him.

GCougar: I would trade Bargnani’s lazy ass ASAP. We don’t need a big man who doesn’t hustle, can’t rebound, can’t play defense.


Really depends on who we draft.
I like Bargs and would trade him for garbage.
Would be good with Jonas/Drummond/Bargs?Amir Davis for SF or PG


For now, you keep him simply because he’s the best offensive player that we have. No one is untouchable though, so you still keep an eye out for trades if you’re Colangelo.
My feeling on Bargs has been that he’ll function more of a ‘bridge’ player, as in bridge this team from teh Bosh era to the next ‘x player’ era. I think it’s reasonable to say that he’ll be a good 3rd option on a championship team, either starting or coming off the bench.

Robyn Wideman:

The biggest question is will Bargnani ever make that next jump in his game where he becomes a complete player. I would see how he does during beginning of season with Casey before making any decisions on keeping him or trading him.

Q: Last year the team’s biggest hole was at SF on both ends. Jeff Green, Wilson Chandler, and Thaddeus Young are all two way SFs who are free agents this summer and who fit with the team’s youth movement. If they were willing to sign with the Raptors for 7 or 8 million annually, would you sign any and whom?

J-Roc: Chandler is a starting caliber SF and as Reignman (a fellow poster) mentioned earlier, he’s not a “tweener”.

J Dilla: No wouldn’t sign any of them. Maybe Wilson Chandler, but I’d rather see what I get with James Johnson first.

pass first: I don’t really mind Chandler but I’d prefer to stand pat and probably draft a SF instead.

witnessraps: I wouldn’t sign any of these. Seems like we’re going the 2012 draft route, and if we’re acquiring one I prefer we go for Granger.

Silk Wilkes: Personally, I’d rather go for a small forward in the draft. However, if I had to choose it would be Wilson Chandler. He brings some outside scoring to go along with the aggressiveness we need at the wing. The other two are excellent options, but I do not think they fit as well as Chandler.

Q: If you had to rank all the players on the team by whom you’d keep first, or the biggest trading price you’d ask for them, what would be your list


Jonas – he is the one we can build around
Barbosa – expiring, best shooter and scorer in the guard position
DeRozan – in a rookie salary with potential to be a good starter in the league
Bargnani – reasonable contract, can man defend scoring PF and C
Davis – in a rookie salary
James Johnson – in a rookie salary with potential to be a good rotational player
Bayless – in a rookie salary with potential to be a good rotational player
Weems – a minimum contract with potential to be a lock down defender
Amir Johnson – he is slightly overpaid, since we want to get the MLE, so Byran gave him more.
Kleiza – he has been out for half of the season, it is uncertain that he can keep up and his injury status.
Calderon – he is overpaid, but can be a very good player in the right system with the right players.


1. DeMar
2. Jonas
3. Davis


1. DeRozan
2. Jonas
3. Davis


I’m keeping Amir first because I like his contract. Bargnani would have the highest trade value, but I’d move him in the right deal. Amir, Davis, DD, JV are the ones I’d be hesitant to discuss, but would be open to moving in a great deal (though perhaps not Amir, he provides great value)


1. Jonas
2. Derozan
3. Ed/Amir (especially if we draft a PF)
4. Bayless/JJ/Barbosa
5. Bargnani
6. Jose

Q: Predict what the Raptors record would have been next season if they had played 82 games, and guess which pick you will have in the 2012 draft

GCougar: 25 – 30 wins. Casey would probably kick some butt and get some sort of defense improvement which would give us a few more wins, but we don’t make the playoffs.

Laowai: 28 wins but don’t think we will have a season

AkelaLoneWolf: Around the same as this year record-wise. As for draft pick, Stern has an uncanny knack for screwing the Raptors. Since we would’ve picked third if we went by last year’s record and the way odds are calculated will be changed because of the lockout, I expect us to drop anywhere from 5-7.

Robyn Wideman: 24-58 4th pick

J-Roc: Same range as this past season. It’s the same team.

Written by jr.

October 22, 2011 at 2:10 pm

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