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NBA Franchise Power Rankings – #16/#17/”N/A”/INSTANT DOOM AWAITS – Orlando Magic and New Orleans Hornets

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#16/#17/”N/A”/INSTANT DOOM AWAITS – Orlando Magic/New Orleans Hornets

Overall synopsis: I’m not even going to try and rank these teams and I’ll skip to #15 for my next ranking. Most likely scenario is they’ll be at 29th and 30th within a year. But for now they still have superstars on their team and there’s an outside chance they get a huge asset like Russell Westbrook or the Minnesota 2012 1st round pick for them.

Technically if I knew with the certainty that we do this week that these players are both on their way out and pushing their way out, I could’ve ranked them lower.

But it’s a bit late for that. And even that would’ve been misleading because we all know where these teams are headed within a year. Rock bottom. The end of Apocalypse Now. Being compared to the present day Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s all over. Possible contraction in the Hornets case and almost certainly relocation otherwise – If they couldn’t sell with Chris Paul, what the heck happens when they roll out a 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers type disaster?

Anyways, two articles on the Paul and Howard situations that I wrote recently. They will suffice for my write-up on the two teams:

Dwight Howard situation: http://asubstituteforwar.com/2011/11/30/why-dwight-howard-getting-traded-before-christmas-is-more-likely-than-you-think/

Chris Paul situation: http://asubstituteforwar.com/2011/12/01/sorting-out-the-chris-paul-mess-ill-take-the-los-angeles-lakers-for-2000-alex/


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