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Make this trade: Eric Gordon for Derrick Williams or Evan Turner

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The Hornets’ Eric Gordon situation is dangerous. With all due respect to the franchise, they’re the last place a young player will be excited about playing. They’re years of rebuilding from competing, don’t have an owner or stability, and play in front of the smallest crowds in the league. Thus a struggle to extend Eric Gordon has not been a surprise.

Gordon may sign his contract this summer. Turning down a huge post rookie deal contract in favor of a one year qualifying offer is a risky decision, even if his heart is with playing in a good situation like the Indiana Pacers’. Yet if you’re the Hornets, even signing Gordon to a maximum contract or close to it isn’t a winning decision. Gordon is an ideal 3rd wheel in the NBA, paying him like a franchise player may come back to bite them by making him a negative value contract. A huge financial commitment also hurts their ability to sell to a new owner.

That’s why I like the idea of Derrick Williams or Evan Turner for the Hornets. As the 2010 and 2011 #2 picks, they’re all-star talents coming off the bench in supporting roles. Although they’ve had their moments, until they get a more consistent volume of touches it’s unlikely they’ll be stars. That can happen on a team as desperate for go-to offensive talent as the Hornets.

Both Williams and Turner are much cheaper than Gordon for the remainder of their rookie contracts, and are hungry young players simply looking for oppurtunity in any situation, whereas Gordon may be more interesting in playing on a winning team now. The Hornets could take their time and breathe easier rebuilding around Williams or Turner in Gordon’s place, rather than being forced to make an immediately competitive team to resign him.

As for the other side – Gordon is an ideal fit as the 2 guard in both Minnesota and Philadelphia. Minnesota needs a shooter and off the dribble shot creater beside Ricky Rubio, Gordon gives them an ideal 3rd star beside Rubio and Love. Philadelphia also needs shooting and spacing in their offense, Gordon fits perfectly beside Holliday and Iguodala’s north-south dribble drive games. Gordon fits with Minnesota’s youth and Philadelphia’s identity aggressive competitiveness and elite athleticism. Both teams would have to be wary of the long term salary implications of taking Gordon assumes he agrees to resign, but as they are teams looking to win right now it’s arguably worth the price. Gordon is one of the best young 2 guards in the league.

In fact, a logical deal could involve all 3 of these teams. There could be a 3 way trade where Gordon is dealt to Minnesota, but Williams is rerouted to Philadelphia, and Turner goes to New Orleans. Philadelphia needs a young PF like Williams as much as a SG like Gordon – Turner for Williams straight up is not out of the question, though Minnesota may want a SG who can shoot more than Turner to compliment Rubio. New Orleans may prefer Turner over Williams due to badly needed a go to perimeter player. Taking Turner of the 2 also leaves the PF spot open for Anthony Davis if they win the lottery this year.

This is an exciting trade. Most basketball fans would like to see what Turner or Williams could do as a top option, and Gordon added to Minnesota or Philadelphia improves their already exciting talent level.

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March 8, 2012 at 7:17 pm

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