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33pt Method – Evaluating the “As”, from Afflalo to Ayon

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Here are my “33 point method” scores for players with the last name A ranking their physical talent, skill talent and feel for the game. My explanation for the method and guide to grades in each of the categories is contained here. This is an evaluation of talent, not production, thus a player being before or after his prime at this moment is irrelevant to their scores.

The numbers are not meant to be exact or indisputable, many are “quick judgments” without an in depth look at the scores. This is merely to showcase the system over a wide array of players.

Arron Afflalo

Physical: 3 – Decent size but is mostly a jumpshooter offensively, does not have much ability to attack the basket or power there, therefore he gets a weak physical score

Skill: 7 – A strong combination of elite shooting and improved ballhandling. Is still not elite creating a high volume of shots.

Feel for the Game: 8 – Excellent basketball IQ and smoothness on both ends.

Total score: 18

Lamarcus Aldridge

Physical: 5 – Not much shotblocking presence or rebounding. Has improved his score from bad to middling in recent years with a commitment to get on the block.

Skill: 9 – Highly skilled for a big man, in the post and taking jumpshots outside

Feel for the Game: 8.5 (Off. – 10, Def. – 7) – Aldridge has a fairly tremendous feel and smoothness to his offensive game. He is a smart defender to make up for his lack of defensive presence physically.

Total score: 22.5

Cole Aldrich

Physical: 6 – Has decent strength and has rebounded/blocked shots well in limited minutes. Not great mobility

Skill: 2 – Can finish some shots inside, very little shot creation talent

Feel for the Game – 6 (Off. 4, Def. 8) – Showed strong understanding of defense while in college. Unspectacular offensive instincts.

Total: 14

Ray Allen

Physical: 6 – Allen had a solid ability to take it to the rack and finish for a 2 guard, though it wasn’t the hallmark of his game

Skill: 10 – The greatest shooter of all time in Milwaukee and Boston, who showed he could also play on the ball when the Seattle Supersonics asked him to.

Feel for the Game: 10 – Allen’s feel for the court helped him get so many open shots

Total score: 26

Tony Allen

Physical: 9 – Tony has one of the best defensive physical impacts in the game, while finding an offensive role due to his explosiveness cutting to the basket

Skill: 1 – Simply one of the least skilled guards in the league

Feel for the game: 8 – Allen has proven himself an extremely high IQ defender, who’s learned to use smarts off the ball offensively

Total score: 18

Lavoy Allen

Physical: 2 – Does not impose himself on the game much physically. An OK rebounder.

Skill: 6 – Decent shooting range and passing ability

Feel for the Game: 7 (Off. 6, Def. 8) – Lavoy shows an excellent understanding of the game and is always in control

Total score: 15

Al-Farouq Aminu

Physical: 3 – Aminu has solid size but doesn’t have the speed to attack the basket or finish well with it, partly due to his motor

Skill: 3 – Aminu has a developing outside jumpshot but overall cannot rely much on his skill so far

Feel for the Game: 2 – Al-Farouq doesn’t seem like a particularly natural or high IQ player

Total score: 8

Louis Amundson

Physical: 5 – Amundson doesn’t have shotblocking or power to finish at the rim well, but does play with a solid amount of energy trying to put pressure on the defense

Skill: 1 – Amundson’s skill game has nothing going for it

Feel for the Game: 5 (Off. 5, Def. 5) – Seemingly average basketball IQ

Total score: 11

Chris Anderson

Physical: 8 – The Birdman brings a of energy as an athletic specimen and shotblocker

Skill: 2 – He is an unskilled big

Feel for the Game: 2.5 (Off. 2, Def. 3) – He doesn’t show strong positional smarts when defending, just energy

Total score: 12.5

Ryan Anderson

Physical: 2 – He is a solid rebounder, but provides no interior defensive presence and stays almost exclusively on the perimeter offensively.

Skill: 9 – His guard-esque skill level as an outside bomber is tremendous for a big.

Feel for the Game: 7.5 (Off. 10, Def. 5) – He has an outstanding off ball IQ offensively, while seemingly average defensive instincts

Total score: 18.5

Carmelo Anthony

Physical: 9 – Anthony has an extremely impressive first step and strength level to finish.

Skill: 10 – Melo has great shooting ability from all over the court and post moves

Feel for the Game: 9 – Melo’s terrifically smooth on the offensive end. Defensively he is slightly lacking in this area.

Total score: 28

Joel Anthony

Physical: 5 – Anthony is a solid shotblocker, but doesn’t make much of an impact physically in any other aspect.

Skill: 1 – Has nothing going for him in skill level, can hardly be passed to

Feel for the Game: 6 (Off. 3, Def. 9) – An extremely smart defender who’s lacking great instincts on the offensive end.

Total score: 12

Gilbert Arenas

Physical: 8 – Had a supreme speed level for a guard in his prime, with solid size

Skill: 8 – A sometimes streaky shooter, but skilled enough to consistently put it in the basket anyways

Feel for the Game: 8 – Loses a few points for defense, but a crafty player offensively

Total score: 24

Trevor Ariza

Physical: 2 – Has length, but tends to stay on the outside offensively exclusively

Skill: 4 – An inconsistent shooter

Feel for the Game: 5 – Has an average sense of the court

Total score: 11

Omer Asik

Physical: 7 – Rebounds and blocks shots quite well, has solid size and athleticism for a big

Skill: 1 – Extremely lacking in all areas of skill

Feel for the Game: 7 (Def. 10, Off. 4) – Defensive smarts is his calling card. Offensively he is middling.

Total score: 15

DJ Augustin

Physical: 1 – Stays on the perimeter almost all of the time

Skill: 7 – A good outside shooting and ballhandling game

Feel for the Game: 7 – A fairly smooth player

Total score: 15

Gustavo Ayon

Physical: 6 – Provides very good size and energy

Skill: 2 – Needs to improve his polish

Feel for the Game: 6 – Appears to have a solid feel

Total score: 14

Retired Hall of Fame player(s):

Kareem Adbul-Jabbar –

Physical: 9: Had strong shotblocking ability and rebounding and his height/athleticism was difficult to deal with

Skill: 11 – Thanks to the skyhook, had the most devastating “skill move” a big man has had. A strong passer as well.

Feel for the Game: 10 (Off. 11, Def. 9) – A terrific feel for playing offense, with very good defensive understanding.

Total: 30

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