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33 pt method – “C”s, from Calderon to Curry

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For an explanation of the 33 pt method, click here




Jose Calderon

Physical – 3: Can occasionally drive into the paint, but mostly a perimeter orientated PG

Skill – 8 – A strong outside shooter and passer

Feel for the Game – 9 – A very in control and aware point

Total score: 20

Marcus Camby

Physical – 9: While a bit skinny, had great length and athleticism around the rim and shotblocking

Skill – 3 – Had some range and touch, but lacking in polish and touch

Feel for the Game (Off. 3, Def. 5) – 4: Never a particularly high IQ defender/rotator, or offensive player

Total score: 16

Matt Carroll

Physical: 1 – Strictly a spot up shooter

Skill: 6 – Could hit open shots well at one point, though weak versatility creating shots

Feel for the Game: 5 – Appears to have an average basketball intelligence

Total score: 12

Anthony Carter

Physical: 3 – Not a great athlete, but had some strength

Skill: 2 – Very lacking in consistent polish and shooting

Feel for the Game: 5 – A reasonable basketball IQ

Total score: 10

Vince Carter

Physical – 10: A freakish combination of size and explosiveness

Skill: 10 – Eventually turned into one of the best shooters and passers at the SG position in the league

Feel for the Game: 11 – Vince’s elite feel for the court always made it seem the game was too easy for him

Total score: 31

Omri Casspi

Physical: 2 – Decent size, but primarily a jumpshooter

Skill: 4 – An inconsistent shooter or skill player in any area

Feel for the Game: 5 – Average basketball IQ

Total score: 11

Mario Chalmers

Physical: 2 – Decent strength, but almost totally a jumpshooter

Skill: 5 – Hits open shots and improved ballhandling, but not a shot creator

Feel for the Game: 7 – Has always had a high IQ and sense of the court, allowing to stand out defensively even as a rookie

Total score: 14

Tyson Chandler

Physical: 9 – Very strong explosiveness and length for a C

Skill: 4 – Has improved his touch and range, but not known for his skill

Feel for the Game (Off. 4, Def. 10): 7 – An excellent feel for rotational defense, though has nothing special feel wise on offense

Tota score: 20

Josh Childress

Physical: 7 – Very strong size and athleticism for a SF

Skill: 2 – Never a noted player for his skill or polish

Feel for the Game: 6 – Had a decent feel for rebounding and playing off the ball

Total score: 15

Earl Clark

Physical: 6 – Very good explosiveness an strength for a  PF. Questionable motor hurts his physical impact.

Skill: 1 – Almost nothing in the way of polished skill

Feel for the Game: 1 – Doesn’t appear to be a basketball player instinctually

Total score: 8

Norris Cole

Physical: 5 – Has the speed to get in the paint consistently, but lacking in size

Skill: 3 – Didn’t shoot the ball well his first year

Feel for the Game: 5 – Seemingly around average in feel for the court

Total score: 13

Darren Collision

Physical: 4 – Around average speed and size

Skill: 4 – Ok shooter, but nothing spectacular, not a noted passer

Feel for the Game: 7 – A smart and heady PG

Total score: 15

Nick Collision

Physical: 3 – Decent strength and tenacity, but lacking athleticism

Skill: 3 – Can hit the outside shot a bit, but nothing special in polish

Feel for the Game (Off. 7, Def. 10) Total: 8.5 – Excellent defensive intelligence and good understanding of playing in a smaller role offensively

Total score: 14.5

Mike Conley, Jr.

Physical: 6 – Very good speed, but not great size

Skill: 5 – Decent but not great outside shooter and passer

Feel for the Game: 6 – Shows solid scoring smarts and fluidity

Total score: 17

Daequon Cook

Physical: 1 – Strictly a jumpshooter

Skill: 4 – Has been on and off as a shooter, despite winning the 3pt contest once.

Feel for the Game: 5 – A reasonable basketball IQ

Total score: 10

Demarcus Cousins

Physical: 10 – Physically overpowers opponent in the post and a dominant rebounder

Skill: 7 – Good outside shot, touch and passing ability talents for a C

Feel for the Game (Off. 7, Def. 3): 5 – Very strong offensive fluidity for a big. Lacking defensively

Total score: 22

Jamal Crawford

Physical: 2 – Did most of his work creating jumpshots, not driving into the paint

Skill: 11 – One of the most skilled players in the league due to his shooting and ballhandling

Feel for the Game: 5 – Had questionable shot selection, but respectable fluidity

Total score: 18

Jordan Crawford

Physical: 2 – Very reminiscent of the other Crawford physically, does most of his work shooting shots out of the paint

Skill: 5 – An inconsistent shooter, good ballhandler

Feel for the Game: 3 – Very questionable shot selection and IQ

Total score: 10

Eddy Curry

Physical: 5 – Very poor rebounding and defensive presence and questionable motor, but had solid strength

Skill: 7 – A very skilled post player once upon a time

Feel for the Game (Off. 7, Def. 1): 4 – A smooth offensive player, lacking any instincts defensively

Total score: 16

Stephen Curry

Physical: 4 – Decent speed and ability to get into the paint

Skill: 9 – One of the best shooters in the game. Decent passer

Feel for the Game: 9 – Always a very natural player

Total score: 22

Relevant retired Hall of Fame Players

Wilt Chamberlain

Physical – 11: Arguably the most physically gifted NBA player in history

Skill – 10: Developing strong touch, range, fadeaway ability and an elite passer for  C

Feel for the Game (Off. 11, Def. 9) – 10: An incredible feel for the offensive end. Eventually showed strong defensive instincts.

Total score: 31

Bob Cousy

Physical – 6: Very fast/explosive even by modern day standards, though lacks power.

Skill – 3: A weak shooter, but nifty passer

Feel for the Game – 10: Ahead of his time with his basketball IQ and vision of the court

Total: 19

Dave Cowens

Physical – 5: Lacked great size for a C, but played extremely hard

Skill – 7: Excellent range and passing for a big

Feel for the Game (Off. 10, Def. 10) – The strength of his game, extremely impressive instinctual player on both ends

Total score: 22

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