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Is Kenneth Faried being underrated again? Why Faried’s star potential shouldn’t be counted out

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Kenneth Faried is one of the biggest draft steals we’ve seen lately. He fell to 22nd in a 2011 draft nobody liked at the time, despite performing incredibly in college in the one stat everyone agrees translates just about perfectly (rebounding) and being an above the rim, freakish athlete – who played harder than everyone else. Concerns about his size (under 6’8 in shoes), performing at Morehead State and being a senior led to his fall. He went on to finish 3rd in rookie of the year voting and to play meaningful minutes for Denver in the playoffs.

Even despite this, Faried may be missed on again. What I mean by this, is how nobody’s talking about what happens next to Faried’s career. It’s generally assumed he is what he is, an elite “energy” big man off the bench. The other three players who finished top 4 in rookie of the year voting – Kyrie Irving, Ricky Rubio and Kawhi Leonard have drawn more optimistic predictions about all-star upsides.

However, history is on Faried’s side. Here is the list of players who’ve finished with a PER higher than 21 in their rookie season, with a minimum of 1000 minutes played. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 13, 2012 at 2:27 pm

33 pt method – “C”s, from Calderon to Curry

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For an explanation of the 33 pt method, click here




Jose Calderon

Physical – 3: Can occasionally drive into the paint, but mostly a perimeter orientated PG

Skill – 8 – A strong outside shooter and passer

Feel for the Game – 9 – A very in control and aware point

Total score: 20

Marcus Camby

Physical – 9: While a bit skinny, had great length and athleticism around the rim and shotblocking

Skill – 3 – Had some range and touch, but lacking in polish and touch

Feel for the Game (Off. 3, Def. 5) – 4: Never a particularly high IQ defender/rotator, or offensive player

Total score: 16

Matt Carroll

Physical: 1 – Strictly a spot up shooter

Skill: 6 – Could hit open shots well at one point, though weak versatility creating shots

Feel for the Game: 5 – Appears to have an average basketball intelligence

Total score: 12

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September 5, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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