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Biweekly MVP Rankings/Power Rankings – Nov. 19th

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Kevin Durant

Durant is moving up the MVP Ranks (Photo credit: Paul L McCord Jr)

MVP rankings

1. SF Lebron James

2. SF Kevin Durant

3. PG Chris Paul

Lebron, Durant and Paul came into the season as the 3 frontrunners and so far they’ve all lived up to the billing. Lebron is the frontrunner, but Durant and Paul both have a chance to deny him for different reasons. Durant because he’s upped his rebounding and passing game statistically and because the Thunder maintaining elite pace without James Harden looks good on him. Paul because he is the heart of one of the league’s signature teams so far this season, who if they continue to breeze through a tough early schedule could make a run at the top seed at the West.

4. C Tim Duncan

The Spurs are quietly cruising and they’re doing it with subpar performances from Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Enter Duncan, who’s dominating in advanced statistics and the key to both the Spurs’ offense due to his passing and post scoring and their defense protecting the rim. Duncan doesn’t stop.

5. SG Kobe Bryant

6. SG James Harden

7. PG Kyrie Irving

8. C Dwight Howard

The problem for all 4 of these candidates so far is questionable team results. However, their production has been absolutely MVP candidate worthy. Flaws in their teams have brought down the record, not the star production of these players.

9. PG Jrue Holliday

10. PG Brandon Jennings

Two young PGs who’ve emerged as stars this season. Both are doing a great job keying the offense as scoring/passing hybrids. Holliday’s individual production is more impressive, but Jennings has the wins.

Power Rankings

Tier 1 – The dominant teams so far

1. Memphis Grizzlies

2. Los Angeles Clippers

3. San Antonio Spurs

4. New York Knicks

5. Miami Heat

6. Oklahoma City Thunder

These teams have done everything they’ve been asked to this season. The Grizzlies and Clippers have particularly had a hard schedule of contenders and playoff teams to beat and still came out with elite records. The Spurs, Heat and Thunder have been cruising. The Knicks of course have been red hot.

Tier 2 – Strong performances

7. Los Angeles Lakers

8. Brooklyn Nets

9. Milwaukee Bucks

The Nets and Bucks have jumped out to two of the best records in the league, albeit against light schedules. The Lakers’ performance has been more impressive because they’ve dominated multiple teams.

Tier 3 – Pretty good performances

10. Boston Celtics

11. Dallas Mavericks

12. Philadelphia 76ers

13. Portland Trailblazers

14. Atlanta Hawks

15. Minnesota Timberwolves

16. Chicago Bulls

These teams are staying above water enough to make runs at the playoffs. Dallas, Philadelphia, Minnesota and Chicago of course all have the most upside due to when their superstars come back (if they do in Philadelphia’s case).

Tier 4 – Uninspiring performances

17. Golden State Warriors

18. Utah Jazz

19. Denver Nuggets

20. Houston Rockets

21. Indiana Pacers

These teams all have talent and depth. It just hasn’t showed up in the results on a consistent level.

Tier 5 – Respectable bad teams

22. Charlotte Bobcats

23. Cleveland Cavaliers

24. New Orleans Hornets

25. Orlando Magic

26. Toronto Raptors

27. Detroit Pistons

28. Phoenix Suns

All are headed for poor records this season, but have shown respectability and the ability to compete on any given night.

Tier 6 – Turds

29. Sacramento Kings

30. Washington Wizards

The two teams everyone should expect to beat

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  1. No Marc Gasol in the top 10? How come Jennings, Kyrie and Jrue are ahead? Marc Gasol so far hes even with D12 at the very least IMO.


    November 19, 2012 at 8:43 pm

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