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Let athletics be substituted for war, as they can be with entire satisfaction to the emotions of man which demand the excitement of conflict and which now seek gratification in armed fight. – Walter Bradford Cannon

Sport is a substitute for war, as is the general human tendency to search for meaning and the specific tendency to be a geek and blog on the internet if you stretch and twist the upshot hard enough. Here at A Substitute for War we torque that baby like you wouldn’t believe.

Oh, we’ve got a very professional, very vanilla looking site that may seem to go along with some of our highbrow ideals, and may lead one to think we’re quite serious. In reality though we’re just practicing restraint until we can finally afford that giant fresco of Bill Walton and Grace Slick protesting an unnamed war with sporting paraphernalia on their body and flowers in their hair.

The favored sport here is basketball, but we cast a broad net around basically anything vaguely resembling a sport. The joy here is in the epiphanies about human beings. We use word, image, and statistic as tools to convey insight and build schema.

For questions and comments, friends and penpals, please make contact with asub4war@gmail.com.

About the Authors:

Matt Johnson writes and edits for A Substitute for War. He started the blog in October 2010. Matt’s been involved in the internet basketball message board community for a very long time, particularly as moderator and project leader over at RealGM, which is why he’ll sometimes get referred to as “Doc”.  He can be followed @mathjohnson on Twitter and @Matt-Johnson-8 on Quora.

Julien Rodger began contributing to A Substitute for War in December 2010 and is a regular on RealGM.com and Raptorsforum.com. He can be contacted at julienrodger@gmail.com and followed @ASFW_jrodger on Twitter.

Image via XKCD

Written by Matt Johnson

October 22, 2010 at 7:36 am

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