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Analyzing Ballon d’Or Voting: Coaches vs Players vs Media

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In a move I didn’t expect, FIFA has broken down the voting for their new Ballon d’Or award based on the 3 different voting groups:  Coaches, players, and media.  Fantastic, it often comes up what affect the voter pool has on awards, but we typically don’t have data from different groups assigned the exact same task.

The link I’ve listed above actually shows how much of the vote each player received, but here is how it looks just by ranking, sorted by the overall finish.  Blanks indicate that the player received no votes from that contingent:

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Ballon d’Or Nominations: A Sign of Rationality in the Most Arational of Sports

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On Monday, the FIFA Ballon d’Or award will be awarded to the player deemed to be the best in the world in 2010.  What’s most interesting about this is that all 3 nominees (Lionel Messi, Xavi, and Andres Iniesta)  play on FC Barcelona.  If you’re a generally knowledge sports fan, but don’t know much about global soccer, this probably strikes you as strange because it seems pretty unlikely that the 3 best players in the world play on any one team together.  That’s true, but even more peculiar is that FC Barcelona did not win the 2010 Champions League, which is the pinnacle of European club soccer.  The three best players in the world on the same team, and they didn’t even win championship?  Seems pretty indefensible doesn’t it?

Actually that’s part of why I’m so impressed.

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