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A simple, but effective NBA CBA fix

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Next season, the NBA will impliment a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. A lockout is possible if the owners and players come to odds. The owners want changes because despite overall success for the league, a large number of teams are bleeding money and paying too much to the players. Naturally, the players don’t want to surrender money back.

Lots of radical proposals have flown around including a hard cap, an NFL style franchise tag, eliminating the Mid-Level exception, and contraction. I believe a more simple set of revisions is the best option:

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Jazz Improvisation and the Association in Chaos

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10 thoughts after a whirlwind of a trade deadline:

1. I really wish I had more to say on the Deron Williams trade. I had a whole slew of points immediately on the tips of my fingers when Carmelo Anthony was traded barely more than a day before, and I consider Williams the superior players. Ideally I’d have more to say about it – heck, ideally *everyone* would have more to say about, but they may be suffering from a bit of the same thing I am. It’s just clear that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of the decision making in Salt Lake City. I’m generally one not to bothered by the prospect of venturing forth with theories in the wake of incomplete knowledge because complete knowledge is never assured, but here there’s just too much uncertainty.

2. That said, odds still seem pretty dang good that the Jazz don’t trade Williams unless they think he’s not going to be happy there in the long term. So yes, anyone not willing to include this happening amongst the trend of stars leaving well run small market teams, is being unreasonably cautious.

3. Good trade for the Jazz? They lost Deron Freaking Williams, and traded him for players you certainly can’t expect to be his equal. The most you can say is that given the macro trends of stars in the NBA right now, it’s hasty to call Jazz management incompetent for what when down.

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