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The case for and against Toronto maxing out DeMar Derozan

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The struggles of DeMar Derozan has been an ongoing playoff storyline, scoring only 17.7 points on .395 TS% through 11 games after a career year in the regular season. The worry for Toronto is this isn’t just missing open shots. His unreliable 3 point shot has allowed teams to go under pick and rolls to prevent this driving game and leave him to take inefficient midrange jumpers.

Toronto’s price to keep Derozan will likely be a max contract no matter how he plays the rest of these playoffs. The Lakers have been itching to prove they are a marquee free agent destination and the new TV deal will afford many other teams the capspace to make a run at the 2 time all-star in his prime.

There’s arguments for and against Toronto paying Derozan:

Keep him

– Like the Raptors Derozan is not a finished product. His .338 3P% and 0.6 3pt makes per game were career highs and with his work ethic he could continue to improve his 3 point shooting to manageable levels in addition to clearing up other weaknesses. His teammate Kyle Lowry is proof players can continue to push their game to new heights after the age Derozan is now.

– Lowry has struggled to stay healthy by the playoffs the last two seasons in addition to a track record in Houston of getting banged up. Derozan taking the defensive pressure he does off Lowry could be important to keeping him healthy going forward.

– With the Nuggets Masai Ujiri resigned Nene to a hefty 5 year deal, then traded him to Washington half a season later. Even if the Raptors don’t love Derozan’s max contract, signing him and then seeing what trade offers are out there half a season or a year afterwards could be the best way to maximize value out of the situation.

– The regular season matters. Being the 2nd seed is just about the best thing the Raptors have going for them. It gave them home court and a beatable opponent in Indiana in Round 1 and home court against Miami in Round 2 instead of playing Cleveland. If Derozan helps them repeat as a top 2 seed next year this is worth it.

Let him go

– The Raptors offensive success is despite finishing 30th in Assist % on 2 point field goals this year, 9th on 3s. They have been a poor passing team throughout the Lowry and Derozan era. Letting Derozan go may be the best way to transition towards the ball and player movement teams needed to contend.

– The Raptors have young talent that could break out without him. Jonas Valanciunas is showing all the signs of an all-star in the East if you run the offense through him. Terrence Ross could take the next step especially playing SG full time. Norman Powell has shown flashes of brilliance and the Raptors have the 9th and 27th picks to add more talent. Add in DeMarre Carroll and Cory Joseph’s minutes at SG and the team would not be left to dry for wing talent.

– Including draft picks but not including Derozan or Biyombo, Toronto has about 73 million on the books next year. That’s not enough to sign a max player like Al Horford or Nic Batum but if a player of that level wanted to sign there, they would could be a cap clearing move away like trading Ross or Carroll. All the teams with capspace this summer makes it perfect conditions to move an existing salary if necessary. The best argument against resigning Derozan may be if the Raptors need the money for someone else.

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May 9, 2016 at 8:54 pm

The lack of risk in giving John Wall a maximum contract

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WIth John Wall exploding in March to all-star numbers, the Wizards are fated to give him a maximum contract this summer.

Washington Wizards v/s Philadelphia 76ers Nove...

Washington Wizards v/s Philadelphia 76ers November 23, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia), the Wizards are fated to give him a maximum contract this summer.

Does Wall deserve the max based on his play so far? Of course not. An inefficient 16.8 points/7.7 assists/4.6 rebounds on a poor team, is far from star numbers. The Wizards extending him is a matter of paying for potential and knowing they have to max out Wall to keep him past next summer, whether they wait to extend him or not.

The Wizards giving him the max is still a good move. What it comes down to, is the contract has less risk than it seems. This is because even if Wall doesn’t progress past 16 pt, 7 ast, 5 reb point guard who can’t hit jumpshots, he’ll likely easily be tradeable. Wall has too much pedigree between his massive athletic talents and as a former #1 pick for teams to turn it down. 2-3 years from now, a 24-25 year old Wall will likely still be looked at as a player who can break out to star status, even for a team to give up for value for him. Some teams will believe “He just needs a new situation, the Wizards didn’t develop him right”.

The best analogy is Rudy Gay. Gay’s statistical production couldn’t have been more disappointing after signing his max deal. Yet Memphis had no problem moving Rudy, in fact with Toronto giving up real value in Jose Calderon and Ed Davis to give him a try. This is because Rudy’s star talent is so obvious that it led to trade value instead of the numbers. Wall’s talent and reputation arguably has even more pedigree than Gay’s did as an even more special athletic talent for his position and a former #1 pick. His leash will last for years before he’s seen as a maximum player without trade value.

The one risk is health-related., with Wall sitting out the first half of this season with knee problems. However as far as I know, Wall’s long term health is not expected to be in danger – and health concerns are a risk every team giving out a huge contract has to take.

As for the reward of keeping Wall, it’s clear. If indeed has star potential because his recent shooting surge is a sign of things to come, those players are too hard to find – and after making a leap forward defensively and with Wall in the lineup this season, the team is in fine position to make a leap up in the standing and perhaps start winning games on an Indiana Pacers and Memphis Grizzlies caliber level. When comparing risk to reward, unless his knees are damaged goods in their current position maxing out Wall is a near no-brainer.

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March 29, 2013 at 1:41 pm

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