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NBA Fan Q&A: Golden State Warriors

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Unfortunately this will have to be one of the last fan Q&As for this series, the news that the lockout is over means that to get this done by the start of the season, I’ll have to… power through the remaining Franchise Rankings. I’m glad to have got to Golden State fans however since they brought, as I would’ve expected:

Q: How do you feel about your team’s upside going forward? If everything goes right, how do the Warriors make the leap to contention in the next half decade?

turk3d: I like it. I’m excited about our new ownership (being here from the start) and our new coach Mark Jackson and look forward to what he brings to the mix. I think this will be a year of evaluation while at the same time an attempt to make a leap to the playoffs if we have a season. If not, I’m in hope for the next draft and the possibility of one or more trades being made that will improve this team over the long haul.

FireNellieQuick: A: They have to make moves. Its clear the current team isn’t going anywhere. Lacob and Co. have been busy acquiring smart, less athletic players in an effort to drive down the teams’ selfishness or basketball ignorance. As it stands, that transition is still a work in progress. We either need Monta, one of our key players, to buy into that type of basketball, or we need to find someone else who will. The only way the W’s leap into legitimate contention is if they find a good defensive C and address their situation with Monta. Adding depth at the guard spots would be nice as well.

Coxy: Not very promising. I’m a huge believer in defense and bigs, and we currently have neither. We need to make a huge splash trade wise for a franchise changing big, or hopefully get lucky in landing a big in the draft. As is, the best we can hope for is an above average season that lands us in the playoffs so we look more attractive for players in the long run. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 27, 2011 at 6:36 pm

NBA Fan Q&A – Atlanta Hawks

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With their ranking of #20 on the NBA Franchise Power Rankings, I asked Atlanta fans on RealGM.com how they felt about their team:

Q: Are you confident in the Hawks direction? If everything goes right, how does this team make the leap from the 2nd round to contention?

evildallas: Direction, nope not confident. Signings during 2009 summer were made on assumption team was close and just need kept together. 2010 playoffs showed different. 2010 resigning of Joe Johnson seemed to be based in fear rather than an appraisal of his worth. Traded 2 1st round picks to undo the 2009 Bibby resigning was deemed necessary because the team hadn’t given Jeff Teague a chance to either succeed or fail. Took an injury to show that we might have had a PG all along.

theatlfan: No idea. With the team in the final stages of being sold, we don’t really have a history to go on. I’d wager that the team will be sold before the season – the ASG wants out and I think the NBA will take Meruelo over allowing us to be put into lame duck ownership purgatory until the next guy comes along. I haven’t seen too much in terms of direction out of Meruelo except for the common sound bites that ever new owner makes and I want something more tangible before deciding which direction we’re going.

Q: How do you feel about Josh Smith’s future with the team? Would you have traded him for a lottery prospect in the 2011 draft, such as a C like Enes Kanter and Jonas Valanciunas or a PG like Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette? Read the rest of this entry »

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November 11, 2011 at 12:45 pm

NBA Fan Q&A: Indiana Pacers

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With their ranking of #21 on the NBA Franchise Power Rankings, I asked Indiana Pacers fans on RealGM how they felt about their team:

Q: Are you satisfied with the direction of the team? A lot of people criticize the Pacers for having a ceiling as 1st or 2nd round knockout, without a true superstar to help them contend. Would you trade Danny Granger for a top 5 draft pick next season if you could?

Miller4Ever: The way we are headed is positive. Our young talent crop is promising with the rare true center Roy Hibbert, the guard tandem of Darren Collison and the newly acquired George Hill, energy man Tyler Hansbrough, and the unlimited ceiling of Paul George. The Pacers as they are now won’t make noise in the playoffs for at least another year, and Granger is not getting younger. The team doesn’t have a scorer of Granger’s caliber currently, but there is a great balance of skills from everyone else. If he were to be traded (a top 5 pick is great value for him) somebody would be able to step up.

pacers33granger: A: It’s hard not to be at least satisfied with the direction of the team. Bird and Morway did all they could really with what they had post-brawl. The team has interesting talent at nearly every position and I think pretty much any Pacer fan is intrigued by how Frank Vogel was able to run the team after his mid-season promotion. The team lacks any true star power, but it has the makings of the 90s Pacers teams who may have won a title had they not played during the Jordan era. I think next season would really depend on if I’d be for a Granger move. If we didn’t fill our PF need this year through free agency or a trade and made little progress I’d definitely think about it with the talent in next years draft.

jowglenn: Absolutely. Given where we were a few years ago (dunleavy, murphy, o’neal, granger, no other youth of any note) to where we are now, I’m thrilled. We now have youth, no bad contracts, cap space. Would I trade Granger? Maybe. Depends who it is available in the draft and how we think they will be in the NBA. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 28, 2011 at 10:51 am