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33 pt method – Evaluating the “Bs”, from Balkman to Bynum

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For an explanation of the 33 pt method, read this.

A list of my scores for players with the last name:


Here is my scores for players with the last name B. My explanations for my scores are somewhat dry. For many players it seems more straight forward to rank them than explain well.

Remember that this is an attempted evaluation of talent, NOT production. A player’s talent level doesn’t necessarily match his production. Age also is irrelevant in these rankings for this reason, all players are evaluated on what they can/will be capable of at their peak. My scores for players are meant to be a subjective process that can be scored differently than others, I only aim to create a system that consistently evaluates a player’s talent, regardless of differing opinion on said player’s talent.


Renaldo Balkman

Physical: 5 – Brought some energy for a wing, but not that athletically imposing

Skill: 1 – Extremely lacking in skills for a wing player

Feel for the Game: 6 – A decent understanding of the game and the court

Total score: 12

Marcus Banks

Physical: 8 – A very impressive mix of speed and size for a point

Skill: 1 – Very lacking in shooting or passing skills

Feel for the Game: 3 – Unspectacular vision or decision making

Total score: 12

Leandro Barbosa

Physical: 4 – Very decent speed for a SG, but undersized and overall a perimeter orientated/jumpshot orientated guard

Skill: 7 – A good shooter and ballhandler

Feel for the Game: 4 – Always played as if in a rush, a sign of weak feel

Total score: 15

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August 28, 2012 at 9:57 pm