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What I love about the game of basketball

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While I am a sports nut across the board, it’s not a coincidence that this blog is starting at the start of basketball season.  Basketball’s my favorite sport, and obviously I’m far from alone.  Being one of the Big 3 sports in the US says there’s something special about the sport, but when you also consider that basketball has translated better worldwide than football or baseball, and that normal people actually play more basketball than those other sports, it becomes more impressive.

To me the coolest factoid about basketball though is simply that it’s often the favorite sport of professional athletes in OTHER sports.  Joe Montana prefers basketball to football for crying out loud.

What makes the sport so great?

Well I’ll start with the practical.  All you need is a ball and a hoop and you’ve got a game.  In the city there are courts everywhere, and elsewhere you can put up a hoop over garage/barn/whatever without too much difficulty.  Other sports don’t have that flexibility to them.  Soccer’s great if you’ve got some space to work with, but not so good in the city.  Baseball can technically be adapted to stripped down version in the city, but you’re always in danger of losing that ball and then the game’s over.  Football?  Don’t be ridiculous.

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Written by Matt Johnson

October 22, 2010 at 7:45 am

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